This is a real world problem

It’s infectious, it has no conscience, it destroys your digital life forever.

Imagine losing your photographs of your loved ones?   Today we all use our phones & digital camera’s to record those precious moments. There is no second chance until now.

What is Ransomware?

It locks you out of your files

Ransomware cybercriminals lock you out of your computer or mobile device. They encrypt your files, holding them to ransom until you pay a fee. You are a hostage.

If you don't pay the ransom?

You lose your valuable data forever

Ransomware cybercriminals will delete your precious photos and documents without conscience. They are not recoverable and lost forever.

How does Ransomware work?

It infects all devices, including mobile and storage.

Any website or email may contain a ransomware virus. Once infected it spreads quickly across all devices, wired or wireless.

How much could it cost me?

It is incredibly expensive and distressing.

Consumer Ransom prices often exceed $600 USD (typically in bitcoins). Cybercriminals go to great efforts to make it easy for you to pay and when you do, they often return months later.

How do I prevent Ransomware?

You need multiple defenses to keep your files safe.

A good place to start is to ensure that your antivirus software is up to date across all of your devices including laptop, desktop, mobile, iPad etc. However, this isn't foolproof and only reduces your chances of an attack.

What happens when anti-virus fails?

Anti-virus software can't catch everything. Cybercriminals are always inventing new ways to avoid detection. Which is exactly where Ransom Release comes in as an insurance policy. By activating our Secure Vault Migration™ (SVM) technology we secure your most precious photos, files, videos and music from online thieves. Even in the event you are attacked your files are safe and a ransom will not need to be paid. All your files can be recovered easily by restoring to a safe device, once the threat has been eliminated.

Package to fit you

We offer a range of packages...

It's in your computer, it's in your mobile, it's in your tablet, it's in YOUR cloud - Don't be a fool.

Secure Vault Migration ™ (SVM)

MIGRATE your files to our secure cloud vault. WE INTERROGATE THEM FOR RANSOMWARE ATTACKS.

Ransom Release is the simplest and quickest way to stay protected from today's dangerous and unpredictable ransomware attacks.

We use machine learning techniques to identify ransomware behaviour. Through Ransom Release's patented SVM, any suspicious file activity is alerted early and your clean files are secured, thereby keeping all your high priority files safe. At any time in the future your files may be recovered. Restoring your digital life safely.

Ransom Release is a powerful service that compliments antivirus and backup solutions that are not designed for today's ransomware threat nor able to completely restore your digital life.

Full protection is free for 1GB. After 1GB, you can subscribe from just as little as £3.49 per month.

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